Tower Climbing, Maintenance and Inspection

Towers are assets similar to a building, water tower, or other major infrastructure. Government and municipal towers are critical assets because they are often the backbone of a Public Safety (E911) communication system. All critical assets and infrastructures require routine inspection and maintenance to avoid deterioration over time and to reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure.

Our Tower Technicians are fully trained, equipped and knowledgeable to assist our clients with implementing a high quality and thorough tower maintenance and inspection program. They enjoy climbing and are passionate about preserving critical tower infrastructure.

Our Tower Technicians have the following training & certifications:

  • Certified Tower Climbers—ComTrain, LLC
  • OSHA 10 Hour Training Certified
  • Radio Frequency Safety Awareness Training
  • AEMC Ground Resistance Training
  • Kaelus PIM – Level 1 Certification
  • Site Master Line Sweep Certification – Class 1
  • Commscope – Microwave Installation Training
  • PPC – Wireless Connector Training
  • Flash Technology Training
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspector
  • Certified ACI Concrete Testing Inspector


Our Tower Climbing, Maintenance and Inspection service offerings include:

  • Tower Loading Inventories (Appurtenances & Antennas)
  • Tower Structure & Mount Mapping
  • Site Audits
  • PIM Testing
  • Transmission Line Inspections & Sweep Testing
  • Site Grounding, Bonding and Resistivity Testing
  • Tower Maintenance and Condition Assessments
  • Guy Anchor Inspections & Guy Wire Tension Testing
  • Tower Plumb & Twist Measurements & Analysis
  • Tower Modification Inspections & Certified Welding Inspections
  • Punch List Inspections
  • Post Construction Installation Inspections