Downtown Bismarck Small Cell Development

As part of our continued efforts to help our clients on successful project development, we have partnered with a site acquisition team to develop and deploy a small cell grid in downtown Bismarck, ND.  The project has included several services including the development of site sketches, structural review, and coordination with the City of Bismarck to determine electrical power sourcing and routing.  Multiple site designs have been coordinated with and presented to the City of Bismarck.  This project has included approximately 40 small cell installations in and around the downtown areas of Bismarck.

Recent project developments have required review by the City of Bismarck’s Renaissance Zoning Authority (RZA).  Submittal to the RZA was unexpected, but we were able to quickly adapt the new design requirements to provide project deliverables in time for a recent RZA meeting.  Due to Edge’s efforts in part, the RZA unanimously approved the updated design standards for the project, allowing the project and client to move forward with the next steps of project development.  This is another example of where our mantra’s of “delivering more than is expected,” and “exceeding client expectations” was brought to life by our team.