Company Event: 2018 Golf Outing

On Friday, July 20th, Edge Consulting employees at the Prairie Du Sac office were treated to a grill out and golf outing. After the company lunch, twenty-six Edge Consulting employees participated in the 7th Annual Golf Outing at the beautiful LWCC Golf Course. Rain threatened the event, but in the end, it subsided enough for employees to have fun at the outing and to play a good game. This year, we had seven teams playing a 9-hole “scramble” tournament, in which the best shots of each team were used off the tee and on the fairway until the ball is greened. There was a range of skill levels, and although the outing was primarily for fun, score was kept, and teams competed for bragging rights and prizes. The first place team consisted of Charlie Toms, Shaughn Dean, Arlen Ostreng, and Kevin Scharenbroch.

In addition to the golf outing, there was a Doritos tasting and rating featuring nine different types of Doritos.

The fifteen Edge Consulting employees that weighed in came up with the rankings below:

  1. Cool Ranch
  2. Nacho Cheese
  3. Spicy Nacho
  4. Salsa Verde
  5. Poppin’ Jalaper
  6. Taco
  7. Ranch Dipped Hot Wings
  8. Spicy Sweet Chili
  9. Blaze