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Wetland Consulting

Wetland Consulting
Preliminary Assessments, Determinations, and Delineations
Midwest, USA

The Section 404 of the Clean Water Act outlines the regulatory conditions for identifying and delineating wetlands on the federal, state and local jurisdictional levels. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) identifies procedures and practices for mapping and delineation reporting. Edge Consulting professionals have successfully obtained and complied with wetland and navigable waterway permitting on the behalf of their clients for each project’s individual needs. We have worked with municipal, state and federal agencies in order to eliminate or reduce any detrimental effects to our natural water courses and wetlands while achieving the goals set by our clients. Our technical engineering background, coupled with our ecological understanding of these habitats, afford us the creativity to devise unique solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

Wetland infringement has been a growing concern within the telecommunications industry, and it is a specific requirement for National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) compliance. Our team of environmental scientists and wetland specialists have eliminated the guesswork in tower siting with regard to wetlands and protected navigable waterways. With early identification of potential wetlands, we are able to reduce the unnecessary costs and time investment associated with moving a tower site to an alternate location.