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NEPA Compliance

Section 106, SHPO/Tribal & Regulatory Consultation, EA/FONSI Documentation
Midwest, USA

Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (47 CFR), Section 1.1307 identifies the procedures for implementing and documenting NEPA compliance. Edge Consulting has specialized in NEPA Compliance documentation for federal undertakings since our inception. In addition, we have been entrenched in the changing regulations and requirements which have been specific to the telecommunications industry. Compliance with the FCC NEPA standards is a requirement for all federally regulated communication tower sites.

We have developed working relationships with State Historic Preservation Officers, corresponding tribes, local governments, and additional environmental regulators. We pride ourselves in not treating this as a commodity service outsourced to a sub-consultant; but as a valuable arm of our full service engineering group. By maintaining a work environment that has designers, engineers, and construction managers working alongside archaeologists, environmental scientists, and NEPA liaisons we can successfully avoid regulatory re-submittals and holdups. An experienced environmental consultant can navigate the rigorous code requirements, but many times it is the lack of knowledge in this area by the other consultants involved that may necessitate a change and costly delay when it comes to NEPA compliance. By providing a single point of contact with respect to project management, site design, as well as NEPA compliance; potential deadline breakers can many times be circumvented.