Edge Towers

Site Information

Site ID: WI3325
Site Name: Lodi – Hwy 60
State: WI
County: Columbia
Tower Type: Self-Support
Tower model: Sabre S3TL Series HD1
Height: 195 feet (extendible to 225 feet)
Ground Elevation: 1098.1 feet
Latitude: 43°-18′-18.22″, (43.305061111)
Longitude: 89°-36′-02.70″, (-89.600749999)
FCC Reg #: 1264514

Contact Andy Bradley at
608-644-1449 or 608-219-8492
with questions and/or lease options.


Site Description

Tower site is built on a ridge top with open access to State Hwy 60. Adequate compound space exists for multiple tenants. Power, Telco and Fiber Optic services have all been extended to the site and are ready for use. Currently one tenant on tower at 195 foot level. Tower designed to be extendible to 225 feet.

Download Edge Towers Info (PDF) | Location Map | Co-Location Application Form (Excel)